Friends Heroes

Update 1.0.3

Website update

New content :

- Added new website theme
- You can delete your heroes
- Added a new system for servers

Good december ! :)

Update 1.0.2

Website update

New content :

- Added barbershop
- Added abilities reset
- Added hero change name
- Added change lang & change password
- Added the friend menu

- Added the weapons to profile
- Added the abilities to profile
- Added the Heroics moments Deleted (bugs)

- Removed the Halloween theme


Update 1.0.1

Halloween update


- New client background
- Added halloween skins

Bug fixes and new content

- Fixed the sniper bug (when you click with a sniper when you are invisible your invisibility disappears

- Added 3 servers (Swit, Wesam, Janusz)
- Added 1 server 1v1 (Rushing)

The project

What is it ?

Friends Heroes is a Battlefield Heroes training game, you can play in all game modes (1v1, CTF, HotH...) and all weapons are free. But don't worry, some widgets are disabled.

Random info

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